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Summer Updates

Dr. Nasr

Dr. Nasr

By Viviane G. Nasr, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital

It is that time of the year when we look back and reflect on a productive 2019 for our Society. This could not have been done without the motivation and dedication of the members of CCAS. As noted by Dr. Miller-Hance in the “Message from the President”, 2020 will be even more productive with multiple new initiatives and committees. It is a great time for members who wish to be involved with the society to reach out to the interest groups, committee chairs and board members.

I would like to recognize Dr. Stephanie Grant (Associate Editor) for her continuous help for the newsletter and overseeing the questions of the week and poll of the month; the question writers Drs. Rania Abbasi, Laura Diaz-Berenstain, Andrew Matisoff, Pablo Motta;  and Drs. Rania Abbasi and Nelson Burbano who continue to work on increasing our content for echocardiography tutorials on the website. I would also like to recognize Dr. Rajeev Wadia who has taken on the task along with Steve Peterson and the team at Ruggles to increase our activity on social media and encourage members’ participation. If you are not on social media, I suggest reading the article by Dr. Sean Barnes and joining us.

I am proud to present the upcoming newsletter:

  • Meeting Preview: A great program for the upcoming annual meeting summarized by Dr. James Spaeth. I hope to see many of you at the Bahamas!
  • Interesting Case: Drs Pawelek, Tung and Gautam have put together an interesting case describing the management of a Fontan pregnant female patient presenting for delivery. The format is similar to a problem-based learning discussion.
  • Story of our past CCAS presidents: Following the format of our past newsletter and continuing chronologically, Dr. Lisa Wise-Faberowski has written a piece titled “Coming Full Circle” about Dr. James A. DiNardo.
  • Partnership with Chip Network: Three highlighted articles summarized by Drs. Kelly Machovec, Pablo Motta, Olga Pawelek and Nischal Gautam. The topics discuss technology related tools that are used clinically in cardiac anesthesia including lung ultrasound, near-Infrared spectroscopy and rotational thromboelastometry. If you wish to contribute to the next series of articles in the Spring newsletter, please contact Dr Rania Abbasi.
  • Membership update: The society has witnessed a 15% membership growth from the previous year! Dr Zabala provides an update on Membership and describes the New ‘Sponsor an International Member Program’.

I wish everyone a happy new year and great upcoming 2020!

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